Where can I get food in Israel during COVID-19?

Updated: Mar 26

We see people hoarding supplies (toilet paper mainly, but other stuff too!) and it can be quite frightening, especially when the Israeli government decided to shut down a large portion of society for the next 5 weeks. Don't worry, you will definitely still have access to food.

Here are some resources and information on food access during this time.

No need to panic! Yes, all main grocery stores and pharmacies in Israel will remain open per usual.

There is also NO NEED TO HOARD FOOD.

Most of Israel's food resources come from within the country and all stocks will be replenished in due time. In fact, the more we hoard supplies and food, the more likely we will have issues accessing food. Understand that you will have access to food and that it is important to leave essentials for everyone.


Because of the panic, most grocery chains have run out of delivery slots and their websites are completely overwhelmed. Remember, those who are in quarantine are not able to go out and shop for themselves. If you are not under a mandated quarantined, you can go to the store. The key is to minimize the time you are out, wash your hands, and avoid touching your face.

Grocery stores that deliver:

Shufersal Online

Rami Levy


Produce Delivery:


ASHI Local Farm Produce

We provide high-quality, fresh produce, that comes straight from the farmer, directly to your front door - all at fair, low prices.

We will deliver your order the same or next day, depending on your location. Currently serving Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Ramat Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Bika'at Ono districts (Minimum order 170NIS).

Cost: Min order 170 NIS

Contact: Contact us by email: ashiveg@gmail.comor phone/Whatsapp: 052-5374735.

You can still order take away and delivery.

Although restaurants are not to be serving sit-down meals, most restaurants are still open for take away and delivery. Again, remember that those under mandated quarantine are not able to go out to get themselves food. Others may go out to pick up food from restaurants. In fact, ordering from restaurants, especially local or independent ones is important right now! Many businesses are suffering a loss due to the situation. So remember to not only support your fave local businesses, but tip well and be kind.

Wolt Delivery

10bis Delivery

Featured Local Restaurants Delivering

Saone Rhone

Saone Rhone offers delicious Israeli-Indian-French street food with vegan and gluten-free options as well. We also serve coconut tapioca desert and spiced juice.

Cost: Each dish costs between 35-42 shekels. Coconut Tapioca is 9 shekels. Fresh juice is 7 shekels.

Contact: Call 052-366-2285 to order delivery or take out. Or order on Wolt or Ten Bis.

Covenant Wines - Passover Wine Sale!

Premium Kosher Israeli winery, Covenant Israel Wines, is having a huge sale on wines for Passover! 10% off orders of 6+ bottles, and free shipping worldwide!

Cost: varies by bottle **10% off orders of 6+ bottles**

Contact: Order online here

Shabbat Catering - Pick up or in House - By Bracha

Bummed your favorite restaurant has closed/have something to celebrate/just need a break from cooking? Chef Bracha is here to cook for you! Check her out for Shabbat or event catering, for pick-up, or in house.

Cost: Contact for pricing

Contact: facebook.com/brachachef or @the_bracha

Sweet by Nature

Healthy fresh plant based sweets! Gluten free, vegan, organic and no processed sugar. Perfect for all ages and supplying birthday boxes including balloons and bday confetti, candles, artisanal chocolates, and a birthday dessert! Delivery in Tel Aviv

Cost: From 4 to 23 NIS WITH A minimum order of 65 ILS

Contact: Order through my Facebook page @sweet by nature and instagram: @sweetbynature_co

Mochikva Handmade Mochi & Bubble Tea

Need a sweet treat? Mochikva is offering big discounts and delivery on their handmade mochi treats and bubble tea!

Cost: Ranging from 8-28 ILS

Contact: Head to the Mochikva shop

Sugared By Safra in Raanana

Homemade cookies, brownies, and cheesecake bars. Vegan options available!

Cost: Ranging from 5-120 ILS

Contact: DM on instagram at @Sugaredbysafra

Ho Yum Tea - As tea should be

Delivering Chinese medicinal tea blends!

Cost: 50-200nis

Contact: Visit their Facebook page or call 051-510-4433


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