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Being Jewish
is an amazing, beautiful,
and positive thing, and we should never be afraid to show it.

Amy Albertson

Jewish Advocate & Educator

Amy Albertson is a Jewish advocate and educator from California. Through online activism, public speaking, and workshops, Amy empowers young Jews to be unapologetically Jewish, both online and in their everyday lives.


While living in Israel for 6 years, she created "The Asian Israeli," where she cataloged her experiences as a Chinese-American Jewish woman. This exploration of her own identity and relationship with Israel led her to the work she does today.

Amy has been an active voice in the Jewish community for over 10 years, since her days as the President of Hillel and Co-Founder of the Israel group on campus at Portland State University. After college, she completed an internship in Tel Aviv on a Masa Israel program. In 2015 she made Aliyah, where she dedicated her career to working for Jewish nonprofits.

Amy is the recipient of the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO) Warrior for Israel Award and was named as one of Hadassah Magazine's "18 American Zionist Women You Should Know" in 2023. She has been published in The Times of Israel, Hey Alma, and the Jewish Journal, as well as being featured in the Jerusalem Post, the Algemeiner, JTA and on numerous podcasts. She is also highlighted in the book Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People, by Ben Freeman.

Currently, she is the Social Media Manager for At The Well Project and an Executive Board Member of B'Chol Lashon. She is also an Associate at The Tel Aviv Institute.


Amy loves the beach, being a dog mom, and doing her best to make everyone laugh at all times. Follow her: @theamyalbertson

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I run virtual and in-person workshops that teach and empower young Jews to be more unapologetically Jewish, online and beyond.

Contact me to find out more about bringing me to your campus or community.


Public Speaking

I am available to speak at events, both large and small, on a variety of topics related to Jewish identity, online activism, Jewish inclusivity, and more.

Contact me to find out more about bringing me to your event or community.

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