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6 Months

6 months.

6 months of headlines in the local news.

Likkud takes majority in the Israeli elections.

Mayor of Jerusalem takes down terrorist at the Jaffa Gate.

Rockets fired into Ashdod and Ashkelon.

6 months of energy and faith and love around me.

The men shouting to sell their prodice at the shuk to the bustling pre-shabbat shoppers.

The man putting on Tefillin in the middle of the side walk as i walk the kids I babysit to school.

Kadima! Kadima! Our common language is Hebrew.

The amen my roomates and I saw around a table of food while making Shabbat Kiddush together.

6 months of blood, sweat, and tears.

Blood on the bottom of my feet.

They crack because I only wear sandals and I walk kilometers every day.

Sweat because we live in an endless summer.

Tears because some days I just with this magical place I love wasn't 8,000 miles away from so many of the people I love.

Picnics on the Tayelet.

Birthday cake Kiddushes.

Trying shakshuka at every restaurant.

Suprise birthday parties.

Late night waffles and ice cream.

Ordering coffee like an American.

Being blessed on the street by Korean tourists.

Taking the bus the wrong way and discovering how small Jerusalem really is.

Falling in love and losing it.

Making new friends and finding new apreciation for old ones.

6 months of Aliyah.

And I've got a lifetime to go.

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