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July 23, 2016

For those of you who have followed my saga, or those of you who know me personally, you have most likely heard the story of how my luggage was lost on the highway in the West Bank during my Taglit trip. What's that you say? You haven't heard it? Well let me tell you.


June 25, 2016

Wow, I haven't updated the world (or at least this little blogging world) about the last few months. There are lots of possibilities of why...but I'm really not sure. It isn't that I've lost inspiration. Israel has not stopped being Israel and I have not stopped being...

May 11, 2016

Intense would be the most accurate word to describe last night. 

I sat in the pit of the Latrun amphitheater surrounded by a number of people. Closest to me were the family of the bereaved; families who have lost their sweet children. Their sweet children (and yes they...

April 6, 2016

Hello there folks! It has been awhile, and per usual a lot has happened. As the title may let on, I've been doing a lot of celebrating. At the beginning of March one of my most beloved friends in the whole world, Brittany, got married. At the end of March a very dear f...

March 17, 2016

After only a little over two months in this country I've already taken part in one of it's most amazing aspects—it's democratic process. Some fun facts about Israeli Democracy:

-Israel votes on a Tuesday because in the book of Genesis it is written twice on Tuesday (the...

February 23, 2016

The other day I had what I feel to be one of the quintessential olah chadasha experiences--visiting multiple government offices in the span of 2 hours. I had to go to the municipality to pay renters tax (a thing here) and then to misrad hapanim (Ministry of Interior) t...

February 5, 2016

A true sabra (native born Israeli), Mindy is a 4 month-old pup from the JSPCA shelter. I adopted her on January 25th. She is half Pinscher and half Terrier, tiny, cuter than anything you've ever seen, and so smart. Named after comedian Mindy Kahling, this Mindy has jus...

January 23, 2016

I just finished Face-timing with Erika, my roommate from college. She is pretty literally trapped in her apartment due to the heavy snowstorm that is currently hitting the east coast of the US. (I've heard they're calling it Jonas or something?) It makes me laugh a li...

January 17, 2016

Many of you have heard (because I was basically shouting it from the rooftops of social media) but some of you haven't: January 7th I officially celebrated my 1 year Aliyah Anniversary. This has been a long anticipated day in my life and so the blog post that was meant...

January 16, 2016

I've officially been an Israeli for 1 week and 2 days and a lot has happened in that short period of time. Life in Israel is fast-paced and seems like it never stops (but it magically does on Shabbat).

Tuesday I arrived in Jerusalem at Beit Canada (בית קנדה) for Ulpan E...

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