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Countdown to Takeoff!

Considering I'll be in Israel in just 22 (ooh oooh...T Swift reference anyone?) days, I figured a small update might be in order. A few things about my life right now (mostly pertaining to Israel):

1) I've been living in my childhood room for almost a month now. It is surreal how it takes some getting used to but can be such comfortable place all at once. I had to put my linens from my apartment in Portland on the bed to get a good nights sleep, but it definitely is not for lack of eating! It is pretty nice to have a guaranteed fridge full of food that you did not pay for. My parents are also both retired so I tag along with them to a lot of places. It's like we are all retired!

2) Some of my friends from high school are home/have been visiting for the holidays. It is pretty fun for us to do "adult" things together. Wine club anyone? (PSA: Please drink responsibly.) We run into people we graduated with everywhere and it is both nerve-wracking and awesome to see them after so long. I love hearing where they are now.

3) After an interesting, new, transatlantic interview experience, I've officially secured my internship placement! I'll be interning with an Israeli company in central Tel Aviv called Marom Philanthropy and Business Group. I'm extremely excited to get there and get started! From what I can tell they are wonderful people helping wonderful companies/organizations engage in wonderful social endeavors!

4) I'm visiting Portland one more time before I head across the ocean. I booked flights on a kind of impulsive, emotional moment. I've been finding out more and more how difficult it is to leave. I miss my PDXers way too much. I left during the stressful whirlwind of finals and me moving, so now we have a chance for some carefree fun. Look out City of Roses!

5) I'm still looking for as much funding to help subsidize my trips expenses. Sadly, I'm not supposed to work in Israel while I have my internship (darn those VISA laws!). Luckily my two language gurus, Christy and Claire, were here to help me perfectly craft my submission for a scholarship. Let's keep those fingers crossed!

Next time I update will probably be right before I leave! Hang in there folks. I am!

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