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Black-owned businesses to support in israel

Just because you live in Israel doesn't mean you can't contribute to the fight for equality. From restaurants and handmade goods to personal trainers and services, here is a list of black-owned businesses in Israel and black-owned businesses that ship to Israel (so you can support from afar).

The list is sorted by city/region*, online-only businesses in Israel, and then businesses that ship to/are available in Israel. There is also a list of organizations in Israel you can support at the end.


many black-owned businesses here in Israel are community staples in these communities. I think it is really important to be respectful of that. We are not here to move into the community and overrun them (that contributes to gentrification). So what does this mean? This means if you were going to go buy groceries or certain goods already, but can do this at a black-owned business, that's great! Go for it! It does not mean that you and your crew are now going to make the local shisha bar in Neeve Shaanan your new spot that you hang out at all the time. This is likely a community safe space the community created for them to enjoy and aren't looking for it to become the hottest new shisha bar in Tel Aviv. In short - I'm just saying be sensitive to this.

*Note that businesses in certain regions may also be available online. If so, they will have a link and will state it in the description.


This list is always growing! If you have a business or organization to recommend, please feel free to email me at

Kuchinate - African Refugee Women's Collective

Kuchinate (crochet in Tigrinya) is a collective of African asylum seeking women living in Tel Aviv, Israel. The women design and create crochet products for the home, such as baskets, poufs, and rugs. They also host crochet lessons, meals, and traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean coffee ceremonies. They've also started selling handmade face masks in African print fabric and other beautiful goods.

Caked and Baked

Find out more on the website or Facebook & Instagram

Lee'at Gentley is bringing you custom-made cakes and cupcakes for any celebration. Not only are these the cutest/coolest looking cakes you'll ever see, but they also are super tasty and made to order. She also offers workshops.

Chaya Dance Movement

Contact Chaya on Instagram or at 50-439-3444

Chaya Lev is bringing you fitness and renewed energy for the soul through unique dance classes. Focusing on core work and stretching, Chaya also believes in the healing power of dance, something that is part of all of her classes. She currently offers her classes in Yaffo and once a week in Jerusalem. Message her directly for the most current schedules and rates.


Find out more on his Facebook page here. OR contact him at 055-882-9730

Hi there, you like MOTIVATION??? I'm PERSONAL TRAINER, FITNESS DIRECTOR, WELLBEING COACH, LIFESTYLE MENTOR and CHOREOGRAPH on my free time. From Habana -Cuba and living in Israel 6 years already, now with the Mission to Inspire others to Reach their Goals Improving Physical and Mental Health with a Better Lifestyle and the Most Complete Fitness Experience.

Nadia Hair and Wig

Find out more on her Facebook page

Nadia's salon focuses on professional, beautiful hair styling for textured hair, from wigs, braids, and other protective hairstyles for all.

Kundala Rasta

Find out more on their Facebook page

A network of hairdressers specializing in African-style hair with Western touches: braids, dreadlocks, hair extensions, hair ornaments. They have locations in Tel Aviv and Rishon Letzion.

Vegetable Shop on Derech Shalma (Idk the actual name)

65 Derech Shalma, Tel Aviv

Come get fresh produce from this great little corner store. They have a wide selection!


Malan 4, Tel Aviv | Open Sunday-Thursday 11:00-22:00; Friday from 10:00-16:00

Delivery available through 10bis

Located in the Carmel Shuk, Balinjara offers traditional Ethiopian Ada dishes based on the Injara dish of gluten free bread, vegetarian and vegan stews, meat dishes at a variety of levels. Minds that combine both worlds, the Mediterranean and the Israeli Mediterranean. The menu, therefore, consists of fresh, healthy and natural ingredients combined with precise unique seasoning, in accordance with the contemporary Ethiopian culinary character of the world and the Israeli palate.

Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant

Manachem Begin 46, Tel Aviv | Open everyday 10:00-23:00

Authentic Ethiopian food any day of the week. Reviews online are overwhelmingly positive describing the food as delicious, fairly priced, and the owners and staff as very friendly.

Gursha Ethiopian Restaurant

Sderot Har Tzyion 18, Tel Aviv | 053-929-6687

Gursha is a local Ethiopian restaurant run in true Ethiopian tradition. Their goal is to serve authentic food with a hospitable atmosphere, welcoming you into their family. A gursha is an act of friendship and love. during a meal with friends or family its a common custom to feed others.when you come you will get our family.

Almaz Ethiopian Restaurant

Yedidya Frenkel 4, Tel Aviv

Super delicious, authentic Ethiopian food in the heart of Florentin! They have both meat and vegan options, so there is something for everyone. Don't forget to try the coffee.

Gojo Restaurant in Rehovot

Israel Teller 32, Rehovot | Open Sunday-Thursday 12:00-22:00; Friday 11:30-15:00

Delivery available through their website

If you don't know the names Tibbs, Tiga Firfir, Missir Aliza, Tikil Gumman then you haven't discovered Gojo Rehovot yet. The restaurant aims to help people learn something about Ethiopian culture through traditional food, prepared from the very beginning in the authentic traditional way. You can dine in or order delivery.

Neeve Shaanan Neighborhood

Neeve Shaanan is a neighborhood near the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station, on Neeve Shaanan and surrounding streets. Most of the businesses in this area are owned and run by members of the African refugee and asylum seeker community (also many asian-owned businesses). There are grocery stores, restaurants, and more along these streets.

Minimarket Yossi

Yossi Ben Yoezer 13 (across from Antigonos)

Your friendly neighborhood makolet!

Magen Fitness

Visit the website or contact him directly at

Magen Fitness was created by David Ben Moshe, an experienced personal trainer who has helped dozens of his clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. Inspired by this own fitness journey, David understands that changing the world comes by changing yourself first. He now wants to improve the quality of other people’s lives by helping them change.

Ethiopian Spice Shop “Tekoro Enbasa”

Inside Machane Yehuda Market on HaAfarsek St

Get a taste of authentic Ethopian spices, as well as other everyday spices you need!

Nefesh Wellness with Gavriel Chichester

My name is Gavriel Chichester and I am sexuality and sexual health educator who educates to empower, mindfully facilitates, and intentionally holds space for men, queer folks, survivors of sexual trauma, and communities to do the work of sexual healing. I am an advocate for your overall wellness and for the health of our greater community. I am here to help you start your journey to reclaiming your right to pleasure and your right to heal.

HaMis’ada Shel Ima

Ha-Nevi'im St 20, Haifa


(Via Stepping into this unpretentious eatery is like a quick trip to Addis Ababa, raucous soundtrack included. The satisfyingly spicy Ethiopian dishes are served on – and scooped up with –injera(spongy Ethiopian flatbread made with teff flour). Look for the sign in the courtyard of the Amisragas building. Mains includedoro(chicken prepared in chilli and onion),kitfo(raw or lightly cooked marinated beef) and, for vegetarians and vegans,beyaynetu(a combination platter with dollops of lentils, potatoes, carrots and spinach). *Cash only

The Gramachin Center Ethiopian Experience in Beit Shean.

Visit their website (in Hebrew)

Come learn the story of the Ethiopian Jewish people first-hand, and enjoy Ethiopian culture, food, and more. It is the perfect learning experience for any group.

Vegan Xpress

10 Ein Shakhak St, Mitzpe Ramon, Israel

Mon-Thu 12:00pm-7:00pm | +972-534298682

A small home restaurant that offers vegan plant-based dishes. Britney Monique Moore is the owner and head chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu College. Her daily sell-outs are her non-bacon sandwiches, the red lentil Indian burger, schnitzel cauliflower, and her cashew cheesecakes (just to name a few). Everything that comes out of her kitchen is homemade from the condiments to the seitan. She offers soy free, gluten free, sugar free, and oil free courses.

Teva Deli - Vegan Food Products

Sold in grocery stores across Israel

Find out more at their website

At Teva Deli we create delectable -vegan food exclusively from plants  for a healthy and balanced diet. Our goal is to bring to the costumer high quality products which do not harm the environment or animals, have great flavor, good nutritional values and are reasonably priced. Some of their most famous products are seitan, a wheat-based meat replacement, and their delicious vegan burgers.

Kfar Beta Israel - Kiryat Gat

Find out more at their website

Beta Israel Village is a unique social-educational center that combines agriculture and educational activities in order to preserve Jewish-Ethiopian heritage and establish it as a sustainable national asset. The Project is the brainchild of the Hineni organization, which has been initiating and supporting Jewish-Ethiopian mission-driven communities for more than a decade. They offer a number of workshops and immersive experiences for groups.

Alemnesh Jewelry

Find out more on Facebook or Instagram

Founder Keren Rada brings you Ethiopian-inspired jewelry designs. From African countries and custom Amharic, to names necklaces and bracelets in Hebrew, there is something for everyone. Her jewelry is of high quality and comes in hypoallergenic options. They also ship globally!

NaLaMode Handbags

Visit their website

Founded by Robin Nahum, who used to work in the Miami fashion industry, NaLaMode sells stylish evening bags, handbags, and clutches out of Ra'aanana. Check out their collection of extremely chic products, available online.

Nirit Takele - Artist

Nirit is an Ethiopian Israeli painter whose work explores race, belonging, identity and nationality as it pertains to the Ethiopian experience.

Pat McGrath Labs

Shop beauty products at

Pat McGrath is a self-made billionaire beauty entreprenuer. McGrath was born in Northampton, England to a Jamaican who learned her love of cosmetics from her mother. She has worked as a make up artists for some of the biggest designer names in the industry. Shop her own collection of top-end cosmetics at Pat McGrath Labs.

Jewish Cocktails by Dammara Hall

Join the facebook group Jewish Cocktails or contact her at

Jewish Cocktails, founded by Dammara Kovnats Hall, is a kosher cocktail company that offers mixology classes, services and events for synagogues, corporations, non profits and individuals. She weaves Judaism into her cocktails and conversations in unique creative ways. Whether you’ve never made a cocktail before or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll have the opportunity to learn both basic and advanced mixology, and to explore Judaism at the same time!

Eli7 Designs

Shop apparel at

Eli7Designs is a modern brand which features collections for people who love to blend the world of comfort fashion with chic accents while empowering themselves at the exact same time. Each collection includes a range of pieces that are designed to appeal to anyone, from the minimalists to the lovers of vibrant graphics. Each product is thoughtfully designed by founder Elisheva, a proud American Orthodox Black Jewish female entrepreneur.

Calm Aura

Small batch calming butters, oils, bath salts and body scrubs coming to you from an independent business woman.


Find out more at

ASSAF was founded in 2007 in order to aid refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. Our aim is to promote the rights of refugees in their encounters with the state authorities. This includes providing advocacy and support to those in need: thousands of men, women and children who are conducting a daily struggle to overcome memories of the traumatic experiences they have escaped, and who are living in Israel without status or access to basic human rights.


The African Refugee Development Center is a grassroots, community-based nonprofit organization that was founded in 2004 by African asylum-seekers and Israeli citizens in order to protect, assist, and empower African refugees and asylum-seekers in Israel. ARDC began its work as a humanitarian aid organization, and over time has adapted to fit community needs. Currently, ARDC works to address gaps in services created by harsh governmental policies in 4 key sectors: education, livelihoods, advocacy, and rights empowerment. To date, ARDC has served over 15,000 asylum-seekers from a number of countries and operates various educational programs seeking to deepen the social and economic inclusion of asylum-seekers throughout Israel.

Eritrean Women's Community Center

For more information visit

The Eritrean Women's Community Center in Tel Aviv is an initiative designed and run independently by a group of Eritrean refugee women. Established in November 2011, the center aims to provide Eritrean women with a safe space as well as access to important services. This center is the first and only one of its kind, utilizing a grass roots approach to support and em Eritrean women in a fundamental way. Representing a safe space, the Center stands as a community fixture recognized as the location women can turn to in order to access information, services and support.

The Schoolhouse

The Schoolhouse is a diverse community committed to advancing social justice and access to education. We hold a shared belief that every person has the potential to make positive change in their lives and believe that education is a critical tool in this process. Our primary mission is to advance education, practical skills and opportunity for these individuals who dream beyond the barriers that stand in their way, to make an impact on their future and on the future of their communities.

Thanks to my friend Michelle for researching and compiling a list of organizations that are contributing to the black lives matter cause, without supporting BDS.


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