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Too busy vlogging

Hey there fam! As you can see...I have not been updating the blog very much. My bad! I've just been so deep into my latest project—VLOGGING! That is right. I've officially launched the Amy and Israel Youtube Channel.

The vlogs are weekly videos of my life, adventures, thoughts, or just generally anything I want to share. There are 4 videos up on the channel now, but I'll embed the most recent one for you below!

Please check it out! Watch, subscribe, like, comment, etc!

This does NOT mean I won't be blogging anymore. Certain things translate better in writing, so I'll still be blogging. The new year (the Jewish one starts so soon!) is going to bring big things for me creatively. I really want to reinvest myself in my personal creative projects. Launching the Youtube channel was one step towards that. Blogging more regularly is another.

I hope you're all ready :) For now, watch the vlogs:

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