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Meet Your Cool Cousin

What are your top priorities of things to visit when you're on a trip? Maybe your itinerary surrounds the meals you will eat, maybe there is a museum you've dreamed of visiting, maybe a sit of ancient ruins on your bucket list. Or maybe, you don't even know what you need to visit. In either case, Cool Cousin, an app that connects travelers with locals who share their interests, is your new best friend (or shall I say relative) to have on your next trip.

Each "Cousin", or chosen local, has curated a map of their top picks in their cities. You can also message them to ask for recommendations and help you plan the perfect, custom itinerary to ensure the trip of a lifetime.

As a traveler, I'm pretty excited about the app myself. I can't wait for the opportunity to tap into my local Cousin's tips for the best time in their cities. I'm also excited to introduce you to a very special Jerusalem Cousin—ME!

If you're interested in hanging out during your visit in Jerusalem, let me know. I LOVE taking people around to my favorite spots (especially to eat!).

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