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Coronavirus Friendly Mental Health & Wellness Resources

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our physical health is obviously extremely important. However, this is a very tricky time. Stress-levels are high, many of our worlds are being shaken by losing work, being forced into isolation, having our daily routines interrupted, and more. Just as vital as our physical health is our mental health and wellness. Here is a list of mental health and wellness resources in this time of quarantines and social distancing.

ESRA - Counseling and Wellness Services

ESRA is a nonprofit helping immigrants in Israel through social initiatives. They are offering a number of counseling and mental support programs throughout this time.

Anath Lievendag Coaching & Rebirthing

Online skype sessions with coach Anath Lievendag. She focuses on Raising Awareness, Changing limiting thoughts & beliefs, and taking Responsibility to create the Life you want to Live.

Cost: 360 NIS/hour

Contact: Email Anath at or call 050-2668424

Mairav Amouyal, Counseling & Art Therapy

I offer individual and group counseling and art therapy for adults, children, and teens. I am experienced working with challenges such as depression, stress, anxiety, big transitions, and relationship difficulties. I am licensed and insured to work as a therapist here in Israel and in Canada. Sessions offered online (using secure/ confidential video platform)

Cost: 350 NIS / hour

Contact: 054-614-6286

Shapo Coaching - English speaking life coaches

I help people who are feeling stuck breakthrough their addictive personality patterns and transform into their best most confident selves.

Cost: First session is always complimentary! We must make sure we’re a good fit before we start working together.

Contact: Email Natalie at or schedule an appointment here

EFT Tapping

  • Emotional wellbeing

  • An effective method to help others clear negative thoughts and feelings

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Clear emotional eating and food cravings

Cost: 350 NIS / hour

Contact: Contact Pearl Lopian at or 058-7929110

"CARE FOR YOUR CORONAVIRUS ANXIETY" - Toolkit by Shine Resources for anxiety and your mental health in a global climate of uncertainty.

Free Mindfulness Meditation with Rich Jenkins In this time of high stress and uncertainty, mindfulness and meditation can be a great tool to calm our minds and recenter. Here is a great guided mindfulness session on Youtube with a Tel Aviv local, Rich Jenkins. Link:

Calm Your Anxiety, Induce The Relaxation Response with Jen Kaplan A short breathing exercise and meditation to stimulate the relaxation response. A technique Jen, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor, found helpful on her own path coping with anxiety as well as studying nutrition and yoga. Link: Listen on Soundcloud Here & find more wellness from Jen here

Talking Circles, Writing Sessions, & Heart Support from School Of Shine

Find fellowship and virtually connect through a talking circle, navigate written expression through a writing session, or just get some general warm and fuzzies in what can feel like a cold time. Get more info at, follow on FB, insta and newsletter for latest updates.

Cost: reach out for costs

Contact: Contact Zo at or 054-6154315

Art in the Time of Corona - Facebook Group

A platform for sharing creative, inspiring, helpful activities, events and creations, for the benefit of all, in these challenging times of social distancing as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic. For sharing your creative output, any creative ways of handling and responding to the current situation, any supportive online group or one-to-one activities that are taking place, etc.

FREE Health Consultation with Jennifer K. Wellness

Are you feeling...

🔸unsure about how to support your immune systems?

🔸lonely, anxious, panicked or worried?

🔸doubtful about your purpose in life or choices you’ve been making?

In this time of need, Jen has decided to offer FREE FIRST TIME HEALTH CONSULTATIONS to discuss your physical and emotional health.

Some topics we can cover...

🔸immune system support

🔸overcoming anxiety, worry and stress

🔸discovering your purpose in life

Cost: FREE first-time consultation

Contact: Email Jen at or visit her website here

Tel Aviv Acupuncture - Herbal Medicine Your favorite neighborhood acupuncturist and Chinese medicine go-to is delivering herbal medicine formulas right to your doorstep. Cost: ₪120-300 plus delivery **Exclusive 5% discount with code: Belle** Contact: Juyon Kim at 054-7334370 or

FREE 15 min Naturopathic Health Consultation

Quick answers to your burning questions about nutrition, supplements, herbs, and more in the #Coronatime.

Cost: FREE 15 min consultation

Contact: Get in touch with Anne Marie at or 0585614737


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