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The Red, White and Blues

Shabbat Shalom everyone! I hope you all are having a better shabbat than I am. As exciting and great as my adventure in Israel is, this shabbat I am really missing America. On one hand it sucks. No one likes to feel lonely or far away from the people and things they love. On the other hand, I've never been far enough away for long enough to truly feel like this. I've been homesick and nostalgic for California when I'm trapped in Oregon, and I've even felt pangs of longing for Portland (believe it or not) when I've been elsewhere in America. But I've never missed America.

Here is a list of a few things I'm missing here (You've been warned that some of them are silly or seemingly superficial–but I miss them all the same):

  1. Being in the same time zone as everyone else (or at least relatively so)

  2. Having the entirety of my closet to choose from (and occasionally my roommate's also)

  3. Target (Israel, you are so smart about some things, but you somehow haven't figured out Target)

  4. Excessive amounts of ice in my drinks

  5. Mexican and Chinese food (and In n Out Burger, but I miss that when I'm in Portland too)

  6. Starbucks

  7. Cheap soy/almond milk

  8. Cheap drugstore cosmetics (cheaper things in general–this place is so expensive!!!)

  9. Not having cats be everywhere all the time

  10. Victoria's Secret....(because all my underwears were lost with my luggage...)

I'm sorry my dear, sweet, beautiful Israel, but you are still a foreign creature to me. I'm sure by the end of this we'll be one in the same, but for now we'll have to agree to disagree on some things (like what ice coffee means).

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