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Now that my travel plans are officially settled I'd like to make an ANNOUNCEMENT THAT I WILL BE RETURNING TO AMERICA 2 WEEKS EARLIER THAN I PLANNED. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, pick your jaw up off the ground while I explain a bit.

It is no secret that I've faced challenges and struggles throughout this trip. First with the luggage, then navigating myself through a foreign land with a foreign language. I have friends here (very amazing and loving ones) but I am, for all intents and purposes, here on my own. A very wise teacher once told me "Wherever you go, there you will be", and I've continued to discover how true this statement is throughout my life. Uprooting yourself from all you really know and putting yourself in a completely new environment is one of the best ways to learn this lesson. I do not wish to share the personal details of the matter here on my blog, but you should know that it is not Israel which has brought me to this decision. It is me, and only me, and this is the same me that lived in Sacramento and Portland. It is the me that I can't escape, even across the world.

I still have 3 weeks and I am going to continue to explore and experience the country. There are some things left on my list that I wish you accomplish. And now that I've settled much of my uneasiness I believe I'll be able to more fully appreciate the remainder of my time.

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