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I HEART Tel Aviv

For the last 3 weeks I've been subletting a lovely little apartment in Tel Aviv. Having a "home base" has really given me a different experience of Israel. I really got a good deal on this apartment in an amazing location (huge thanks to Amos). I live on Bialik, which is right near Shuk HaCarmel (the Carmel outdoor market), a short walk to tons of cafes, restaurants, shops, Dizengoff Center, and the beach. I'm surrounded by beautiful bauhaus buildings, famous Israeli poet's houses, and interesting characters at all hours of the day/night.

In between adventures I spend my days exploring my lovely little neighborhood. My general routine is wake up around 12 or 1 and head out for the delicious Israeli breakfast I love. I've tried out quite a few cafes. My favorites are Cafe Bialik and Sus Etz. At Cafe Bialik I'll usually order their mini shakshouka. It's only ₪30 and plenty of food. At Sus Etz I like to get the Special Breakfast which is an open face bagel with smoked salmon and eggs on top, served with chopped vegetable salad. Yummy! This breakfast excursion can take a few hours. I like to sit, sip on some cold espresso, read or journal, and watch all the people (and sometimes talk to them). After food I explore shops, go to the market, maybe visit a museum. It just depends on what I feel like doing.

One of my all time favorite things about being a "Tel Avivian" is going to the beach on Shabbat! I can (and sometimes do) go to the beach any time I want, but there is something really nice about waking up, slipping into my swimsuit, grabbing a coffee and laying on the beach all day. The beach is really crowded on shabbat but it is fun. Soaking up the sun, sipping on an Aroma iced coffee and snacking on Bamba, with the sounds of Matkot (paddle ball game) and the waves in the background, I truly feel like I belong in this city. This is MY beach, near MY apartment, that I go to every Saturday. It will be a bittersweet departure from my little Tel Aviv home this weekend. But I know I'll be back and that Tel Aviv is not going anywhere.​

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